Sinette van Rooy Booysen

Clinical Psychologist

My story


Hi. My name is Sinette (pronounced C-Net).

Let’s face it. No one reads up on therapists because they’re feeling great or on top of the world. You’re most likely looking at this page because you’re interested in psychology, emotional support, growth as a person, etc. If you’re interested in therapy, you need to know if you and I will “click” during a session.

The truth is I don’t know if you and I will click, so below is a bit more about me to help you make up your mind.

About me

I’m a Clinical Psychologist that practices in Durban, South Africa and the founder of D House. I chose my profession based on a sincere interest in the mental health and a desire to know “what makes people tick”. I grew up and studied in a small town and worked as a Psychologist in small towns, big cities, deep rural areas around KwaZulu Natal, mental hospitals, a neuro rehabilitation centre, a chronic pain management clinic, took part in baby observation and study groups and worked in a Tomatis centre during my training.


I enjoy working with everyone from babies to grandparents. My special interest areas are listed under the Psychology section if you care to read them, but in short there’s not much that doesn’t interest me.


I was trained in a myriad of therapeutic techniques and academics will refer to my approach as technical eclectic and integrative. What that means is that I understand that you are an individual and that certain techniques will not help you at all. Freud is not always the answer, and it’s not always your mother’s fault.

My office is comfortable, peaceful and it’s a safe space to talk about whatever you want. Just a heads up, you won’t be lying on a couch.

D House

Someone once told me that everyone has at least one big knock in their lives, whether it’s a great loss, a disability or even divorce. I’ve come to believe that everyone will have several knocks throughout their lives. D House was created to attempt to provide a support system when life dishes out these knocks. From bonding with your baby to the loss of a child, or from marriage counselling to divorce mediation, it felt right that there be one place where people can start rebuilding their lives.

Lastly, I do take therapy, and the ethics around it, very seriously. We are dealing with your life after all.

Good luck.

Psychological Services

There's more to it than
stylish couches and Freud


As a clinical psychologist I am trained in all mental health problems. I often work with children, adolescents and adults in individual or couple sessions.

  • Children – ADHD and other behaviour difficulties, feeding and eating problems in infancy and early childhood, attachment problems, enuresis (bed-wetting), separation anxiety as well as other anxiety-related problems, pervasive developmental disorders (Autistic and Asperger Disorder), depression in childhood, conduct disorder, as well as  relationship problems and problems adapting to change

  • Adolescents – Eating problems, self-injurious behaviour, relationship problems (parent-child, sibling as well as peer), coping skills, behaviour problems, anxiety and depression

  • Marital and Relationship Problems – with a focus on communication difficulties, including conflict resolution and poor listening skills, as well as parenting skills

  • Adults – Anxiety, stress-related difficulties, depression and Bipolar Disorders, psychosis, adaptation problems and eating problems

  • Post-partum/post-natal depression, anxiety or psychosis as well as problems during pregnancy or adapting to the birth of a baby as well as attachment problems

  • Pain management and adjustment to chronic illness


I am trained to assess and diagnose mental health problems. I use a multitude of tests to assess clients of all ages in terms of intellectual, emotional, social and visual-motor functioning. Some of these assessments include school readiness, IQ assessments, ADHD and other behavioural problems, depression, anxiety, personality assessments, neurological screening and many more.

Please contact me if you’d like to discuss assessments in depth.

Babies in mind ®

Informative, practical and supportive workshops based on the book, Babies in Mind, written by clinical psychologist, Jenny Perkel. These workshops are based on you, and your baby’s, psychological and emotional health and well-being. The workshop is based in a group, individual or couple format.

Learn about how to manage your baby’s sleeping and feeding difficulties and how to handle excessive crying. Find out how to avoid postnatal depression and how to reduce your own, and your baby’s, stress. Discover the secrets to forming a secure bond with your baby that lays the foundation for a happy, healthy future.

Tomatis ®

The Tomatis method is a method of sensory stimulation. Good listening stimulates the brain. It was found that a person could hear well but listen poorly. Dr Tomatis, the founder of this method, believed this happens when muscles are not working properly and through auditory stimulation it is possible to retrain the muscles of the inner ear so that it can function without distortion. The Tomatis method helps to transmit and process acoustic sensory messages. I use a device called SoListen in my practice. It consists of a set of headphones that use both bone and air transmission of sound as well as filtered music. The music used in this approach is Mozart and Gregorian chants.

The Tomatis method could be applied in the following areas: learning difficulties and language disorders, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), affective and emotional disorders, communication disorders, psychomotor difficulties, PDDs (Pervasive Developmental Disorders), personal development and well-being, improvement of the voice and musicality, preparation for childbirth and integration of foreign languages.


Two roads diverged in a wood. I took the one that was cheaper and settled out of court.

Not Robert Frost

Mediation involves a neutral third person assisting a marital couple or family to reach mutual agreements without adjudication. Discussions are facilitated to help identify issues, clarify priorities, explore areas of compromise and generate options to resolve disputes. These issues include the parenting plan (Section 33 of the Children’s Act No 38 of 2005), maintenance, care and contact that often surface during a divorce or separation. The benefits of mediation are that it is cheaper than litigation, less formal than court, time saving, a mutual agreement is reached without the use of attorneys and after the parenting plan was formalised it becomes a binding contract which could be made an order of court.

Mediation is part of a legal process and thus you will not be able to claim through your medical aid for these services. The number of sessions required for successful mediation is usually between 4-8.



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